Spreading the positive traditions of sacred symbols and patterns.

Founded by Johan Hansson in 2019, WyrdWideWeb is Johan’s 3rd clothing brand. In the beginning we made everything from scratch; Sewing tees in the bedroom and screen printed them in the kitchen.
Since then we’ve upgraded our workflow and now collaborate with three different factories in Mexico, Usa and Latvia.

Our focus is to bring old traditional patterns and symbols into the modern world of street fashion.

Good vibes only!

Not only are we making beautiful high quality clothes, but we also try to spread knowledge about the patterns and symbols we use to help raise awareness.

So if you would buy one of our Sayagata patterned waist bags you will find printed information about the pattern and it’s origins on the back.

And using the swastika in our designs might be offensive to some people. But the only people we truly wish to offend are the Nazi’s who stole a good luck charm loved by the entire world and destroyed it’s true meaning in a fascist flag.

In the future we will also start designing more designs based on the beautiful symbols and patterns used in Norse mythology and Asatru as well as the Verdic and Tantric scriptures of the East.


Do you want to collaborate on a custom piece with me? I’d love to find more collaborators to do amazing work with. It doesn’t matter if you’re a skilled graphic designer or if you have no idea what color you get from mixing red and blue. As long as your heart is in the right place, everything else will be too!

So if you’re up for some fun send me a DM on any social media or an email to Johan@WyrdWideWeb.com and we’ll take it from there!